About SKM

ICMI-Sweden was founded November 27 1996 as a subdepartment to the National Committe for Mathematics at the Swedish Royal Academy of Science. The present chairman is Mats Boij and the secretary is Mikael Cronhjort.

The goal of ICMI-Sweden is to

  • initiate and sustain a discussion of the role of mathematics in society and the objectives of mathematics education at all levels of school and college / university
  • act as a link between ICMI, the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction, and practitioners in the Swedish mathematics education system and to raise awareness of ICMI’s activities and encourage the Swedish contribution to this;
  • support the development of research and development in mathematics education in Sweden;
  • contribute to increased international contacts among groups in Sweden that are involved in mathematics education;
  • provide a forum for increased contacts and more exchanges of ideas among mathematics educators in schools, teacher training and other mathematics educators at colleges and universities;
  • assist in identifying problems in mathematics education and to identify and analyze problems with recruitment to mathematically intense programs at Upper Secondary School level and to undergraduate and postgraduate education at universities and colleges;
  • help to disseminate best practices and successful methods to improve the quality of mathematics education and recruitment to it.