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On behalf of the 23rd ICMI Study Co chairs: Professor Mariolina Bartolini of University of Modena-Reggio Emilia, Italy and Assistant Professor Sun Xuhua of the University of Macau, China I would kindly like to ask you to distribute the attached documents in your countries and networks.


Call for Papers ICMI Study 23



According to tradition, ICME-13 will allot two 90 minute slots for National Presentations.  This allows countries to showcase various aspects of their mathematics education: curricula, preparation of teachers, statistics, educational policies, mathematics education research and/or any other aspect
to be decided by the presenters.

The National Presentation can include lectures, active demonstrations, material displays and illustrative videos.
In the past, the International Program Committee (IPC) invited a small number of countries to these presentations.

The IPC of ICME-13 decided to solicit statements of intent from countries interested in presenting their mathematics education systems.

Such statements of intent should include:

– A brief proposal describing the intended activities and exhibitions.

– The name of the person responsible for that presentation.

– A strong commitment from the responsible person and/or two other persons
to attend the conference and run the presentation.

– Statements (from the ICMI representative, prominent researchers, policy
makers, educators, national associations and the like) in the proposing
country, expressing their support and collaboration in order to plan and run
the presentation.

Proposals for National Presentations from countries that did not present since ICME 9 will be considered.

National Travel and conference fees for the presenters and shipping fees for the materials needed for the presentation are the sole responsibility of the
proposer and will not be reimbursed in part or in whole by neither by ICME-13 nor by ICMI.

Further, please note that the exhibition is purely
educational and commercial exhibits are to be excluded.

Letter of intent following the above guidelines should be submitted to the Convenor of ICME-13 [Gabriele.Kaiser@uni-hamburg.de] before April 15, 2014


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